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Jan 01, 2018 | Posted by Nathan King

by Nathan King

In 2014 the newest video version of Teaching Writing: Structure and Style was poised for release, changing forever the accessibility and ease that our customers would experience using IEW’s powerful writing methodology. However, IEW leadership envisioned that physical discs would become less and less in demand in the future as customers flocked to the instant access of online content. Streaming access increases convenience and allows users to watch materials over and over again in unlimited times and locations. The final, comprehensive version of Andrew’s teacher training course needed to be made available as streaming video to provide the best possible support for years to come for teachers and teaching parents who rely on Structure and Style® with their students. Not content to allow “good enough” to rule, excellent writing teachers return to Teaching Writing: Structure and Style again and again, honing their skills and maximizing their impact. All of this could be effectively managed with a subscription model, and so the Premium Membership was born.

The online nature of the streaming content meant that the digital materials could be modified easily. That reality immediately presented the opportunity for an intriguing idea: since IEW was going digital, the Premium Membership could be improved over time to make it a greater and greater value for IEW’s customers. One improvement to the Premium Membership’s content included nearly thirty of Andrew’s best convention talks for teachers and teaching parents, providing many hours of tremendous personal training resources. In 2017 Andrew’s longtime dream came true, and IEW launched the online IEW Checklist Generator™, allowing instructors to custom-build and manage unique checklists that can be modified and printed at any time. At last, teachers are able to quickly and efficiently manage IEW’s EZ + 1 model with a simple, one-stop online option, but the only way to access this incredible Structure and Style tool is through the Premium Membership.

The Premium Membership includes many more incredible resources, from printable mini posters to the new Student Resource Packet, from a Fix It! Grammar glossary to excellent recordings from Anna Ingham, Dr. Webster, and other friends of IEW! This year, premium members will gain even more value when they find themselves the fortunate recipients of a free coupon for a hardcopy of Andrew’s newest book and DVD, However Imperfectly: Lessons Learned from Three Decades of Teaching. The coupon can be used by the subscriber, or even gifted to a friend! The Premium Membership is a comprehensive support for teachers of Structure and Style at the push of a button. See the back cover of the magalog to see how you, too, can gain access!


This article first appeared in the 2018 Arts of Language Magalog

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