You Don’t Have to Like It: Podcast Episode 291

Oct 13, 2021 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

Over the decades that Andrew Pudewa has been speaking to teachers and parents, he has heard many of them make one of these two statements:

  • I just want my students to enjoy writing.

  • I just want my students to be able to express themselves.

While it is an understandable desire, in podcast Episode 291 Andrew explains why in his view these two statements are fallacies. During the podcast Andrew recalls his 2012 article, “You Don’t Have to Like It.” In this article he explains that liking writing is not actually necessary. He then goes on to state the following:

But I do let them know they need to learn to do it decently well, because when they can, they will be better prepared to excel in whatever career they undertake, be it engineering, mothering, soldiering, or garbage collecting. In any field, those who are competent at what they do will usually be needed, but it is those who are good at the job and able to communicate the concepts involved in the work that will rise to positions of influence and leadership.

You can read the full article here, or if you would like to read even more articles that express Andrew’s wisdom gathered over the years, take a look at his book However Imperfectly. You can purchase it here, or if you become a Premium Member, you will be able to request a copy for free.

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