The Year in Review: Dual Enrollment with CHI

Apr 28, 2023 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

What an inaugural year it has been for the Christian Halls International’s (CHI) dual enrollment program using IEW materials! English Composition I was taught in the fall semester, followed by English Composition II this spring. The many students who successfully completed both courses earned six college credit hours. Some obtained their credits at their five-days-a-week school. Others worked independently at home, and still others completed the coursework through their co-ops, via an IEW online class, or through a CHI Live Tutorial instructor.

Regardless of how they completed the coursework, these students not only earned six college credit hours, they also strengthened their writing skills across a broad range of essay structures, which included expository essays, literary analysis, persuasive essays, and super-essays.

We were delighted that some students and teachers shared their thoughts about the past year with us. Here are just a few of their testimonials.

“The opportunity for our students to earn college credit has been a great blessing for our small Christian school, as we would not have been able to provide this on our own. The learning and growth students have experienced in this course far surpass that of local dual credit college courses our students have taken in the past, and the high level of support and personalized feedback we've received has been incredibly helpful. Our students have had the opportunity to experience and navigate college-level expectations, but with the support needed to achieve success. We look forward to having other students take these courses in the future.” ~ Mary Reed (MS/HS Language Arts teacher, Marion Hope Academy, Kansas City, MO)


“I have really appreciated the IEW dual enrollment opportunity. Not only did this course allow me to get the credit I needed, IEW has educated me on organizing my thoughts, putting pieces of information together cohesively, and giving me the ability to write an organized and well-structured essay. With IEW, I see greater progress in my writing skills. I also appreciate the objectivity IEW brings to the grading process.” ~ Hope K. (English Comp I and II in a traditional school setting)


“I have taken IEW Online for several years now, so CHI's and IEW's dual enrollment program was the next logical step for me. Every level in IEW builds on one another, but the dual enrollment program especially does so. This course expanded upon different writing styles and stylistic techniques, like literary critiques, super-essays, persuasive essays, writing decorations, and how to build strong sentences. A bonus is that I received college credit!” ~ Annarita G.(English Comp I and II and CHI Live Tutorial student)


“These dual credit classes presented valuable knowledge regarding structure and style, writing techniques, and other skills. The materials used help refine a student's writing process even outside the class. Likewise, the professor and online faculty promptly answered any questions throughout the course with personal feedback. I have enjoyed the opportunity to take this course and would highly recommend it.” ~ Josephine W. (English Comp I and II)


“The IEW courses have taught me how to properly write papers. They presented lessons in a way meant to cement within your mind the grammar rules that are taught, creating natural responses to writing without errors and allowing students to easily spot and correct mistakes. ~ Ellie J. (English Comp I and II and CHI Live Tutorial student)


Are you interested in having your students earn dual credit through CHI? To learn more about this popular option, contact Christian Halls International today!

Beth O’Connor, holding an M.A. in Special Education: Deaf Education, comes to the Institute for Excellence in Writing with a diverse teaching background. Having lived and taught in Colorado, Illinois, California, Ohio, Virginia, and Louisiana, she has taught a variety of students, both deaf and hearing. After 20 years of teaching students in kindergarten through the university level, she noticed a common challenge when it came to writing: students struggled with writing, and many teachers felt they didn't know how to help them. She attended a live IEW training, implemented the methodology immediately with her students, and discovered she had finally found a writing program that truly worked. The best part was her students loved every aspect of IEW and couldn’t wait to learn what was in the next lesson. Beth brings her classroom experience and desire for teachers to enjoy the same results to her role as an educational consultant.

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