Writing across the Curriculum: Podcast Episode 294

Nov 03, 2021 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

“Writing across the curriculum” continues to be a common educational trend in the United States. In podcast Episode 294 Andrew and Julie discuss what writing across the curriculum actually means and how IEW’s Structure and Style approach works within that framework.

Referring to IEW’s founders, Dr. James Webster and Webster’s aunt Anna Ingham, Andrew explains how this writing approach works. Many years ago after teaching in the lower grades, Dr. Webster received his doctorate in African history from the University of London. He then moved into the university world where he applied what he had learned from his aunt’s Blended Sound Sight Program of Learning and developed an advanced-level checklist for his African history courses. Students at Dalhousie University knew that if they wanted to learn how to write well, they should register for Dr. Webster’s classes in lieu of the English department’s offerings.

Listen to this fascinating podcast, which travels a bit down memory lane while explaining how Structure and Style does indeed offer opportunities to write across the curriculum as well as to master a wide variety of essay models, including narrative, persuasive, and comparison and contrast.

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