On Teaching and Evaluating Writing, Part 2: Podcast Episode 234

Aug 26, 2020 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


Last week Andrew and Julie began a conversation about how to teach writing. In this week’s podcast, Episode 234, they continue their discussion, this time centering more on how to appropriately evaluate writing. Pondering the purpose of evaluation, they touch on different ways to assess students. Asserting that objective feedback is best, Andrew shares how Dr. Webster, whom he first met in 1990, shared with him how to take the fuzzy subject of writing and make it more objective for students and instructors alike. How? The key lies with the checklist.

Andrew reminds his students in the Structure and Style for Students video courses to “do what they check; check what they do.” This podcast will help you grasp how checklists can liberate your students to work to their full potential and receive full marks in the process. After you listen to it, you will feel much more confident as you launch your instructional year, knowing that you can leverage the checklist to help your students succeed.

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