Taking a Look at IEW’s 2022 Online Class Offerings

Jun 03, 2022 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

With the arrival of June, many parents are beginning to plan in earnest for the upcoming school year. If you have thought about having your students participate in an online class, we would like to encourage you to consider enrolling your students in one of IEW’s online classes. Our online classes are taught by hand-selected, highly experienced IEW accredited instructors who have demonstrated that they understand how to teach the Structure and Style method. Not only that, but all of the instructors are held to high standards by IEW and are evaluated regularly.

There is continuity across the various courses, so students in the Level A classes, for example, will all learn the same content regardless of who their instructor is. The classes are live-taught although students can watch a recording of the class if they need to miss a class session. Presented at Levels A (grades 4-6), B (grades 6-9), and C (grades 10+), the courses utilize Structure and Style for Students along with Fix It! Grammar. Grammar instruction in the writing assignments as well as in Fix It! Grammar is a strong emphasis in the classes.

Enrolled students will enjoy the engaging and interactive instruction. The classes also provide structure and accountability, and students will receive personalized feedback on their weekly writing assignments. Teachers are available throughout the week for parent or students’ questions. While many classes are already at capacity, there are still several classes with openings. Consult the class schedule to see what options are available. Of course, parents remain a vital component to their student’s success. You can learn more about their importance and role at this link.

We have received lots of positive feedback about our online courses over the years. Here are just a few of the many kind comments that have been shared with us:

My daughters loathed writing. Some friends told me about IEW's writing class, so the following year we decided to try it out. Both of my daughters were doing all their assignments and homework on their own without my prompting. The following year they were excited to be enrolled again in IEW's online class. Fast forward a few years. Both girls are putting key word outlines to good use while doing research papers. My oldest was excited to do a live one-day course with Andrew Pudewa. My youngest is getting ready to learn IEW's method for the first time, and I'm a happy mom not having to pull my hair out while teaching her writing. – Cindy


Thank you for a wonderful class! The boys are truly enjoying their assignments and love to go online for the class. They have learned A LOT, and we are thankful to have such a wonderful teacher to inspire them! – Sita


I absolutely feel it is worthwhile! He is learning so much, and this is way beyond my ability to teach to this level in composition! I am very, very pleased with all he is learning. Thank you so very much! – Janine

Do you have questions about our online classes? Contact our customer support team. They are available by phone, email, and chat and would be delighted to help you find the perfect class for your students.


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