A Suzuki History: Podcast Episode 155

Sep 12, 2018 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


“Ten thousand times, and then begins understanding.” Japanese saying

That proverb reflects a philosophy that sounds foreign to Western minds, but it is reflective of the Suzuki methodology of instruction. In Podcast 155 Andrew Pudewa takes listeners on a stroll down memory lane as he recalls his experiences and insights gained as a student of Shinichi Suzuki, founder of the famous Suzuki Method.

During the podcast, Andrew reflects on his growing up years. As a young child, he was a beneficiary of the new method that was just coming to America and began learning how to play the violin with it when he was just five years old. Later on as a young man, he was approached and asked if he would become a violin teacher. This reignited his interest in Suzuki’s methodology, and he journeyed east to learn directly from the master himself.

Listen to this first part of the two-part series and learn more about Shinichi Suzuki and the background of his famous program. It’s a fascinating history! And then be sure to return next week as Andrew will continue his narrative, describing how he came away from his experience in Japan with an intense desire to “Suzuki Method everything.”

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