The Power of Partnerships

Sep 14, 2018 | Posted by Terra


Have you ever had to do something you thought would make you look silly or at minimum receive some odd glances? I sure have! For example, our eldest daughter had a biology experiment that required us to collect four jars of pond water. The experiment described the contraption we needed to construct in order to accomplish this task. As I sat and pondered this event unfolding in my mind, I imagined we were going to look really strange hauling this stuff down to the pond at a local park. We live in the city, and I only knew of a couple of ponds in the area. Oh well, we had do it, no matter how silly we might look! But there was something I could do that would make this experience much more enjoyable—invite friends. I texted a group of moms from my daughter’s homeschool group to see who still needed to collect their pond scum. Thankfully, they all planned to go on the same day, and it turned out a few of us could meet to complete the task together.

I proceeded to unscrew the broom handle from an old yellow broom in the basement, grabbed a ladle from the kitchen, and retrieved my trusty Duck Tape®. Our pond-water-retrieval contraption was ready to construct! We packed our supplies and were out the door. Because I was still feeling a little silly, I waited until we arrived at the pond before I taped the ladle to the broomstick. However, I was pleased to see the other moms and students proudly walking to the pond with their ladles and buckets attached to long sticks. It sure is funny how the awkwardness leaves when you are not alone. The students found their places, and we collected the pond water in just a few minutes. They observed the area, and we all chatted for a bit before heading out. It turned out to be a painless, fun learning experience.

This simple event reminded me of how thankful I am to be part of a community of like-minded individuals to do life with. Our homeschool group has offered me advice, support, encouragement, and friendship. Their support keeps me going on this journey. When we have a tough assignment or something we do not want to do, I know I can call on other families to help in completing the task. Together we learn and grow with our students, and we are all the better for it.

If you are an introvert like me or trying to homeschool alone, please find a group where you can be involved. Due to the increasing number of families choosing to homeschool their children, there are a multitude of homeschool co-op groups, classes, online communities, church groups, and more where you are sure to find some like-minded individuals. Many times I have opted out of group activities, but I am thankful for my dear friends, who pull me out of my shell and keep me going. We cannot and should not walk this road alone. Homeschooling is a long road, and we need others to walk alongside us as we navigate it. Although supportive relationships are helpful for those times when you have to collect pond scum, I guarantee there will also be many other times when those friendships will be treasured.

Here at IEW, I am grateful for the enthusiasm this organization has to support and equip parents and teachers. Mr. Pudewa released his newest book, However Imperfectly, earlier this year, and I highly recommend you snag a copy. And if you have a Premium Subscription, you can get a copy for free! This book will surely refresh you on your journey this year. In addition, you should check out our forums, webinars, articles, Facebook page, Pinterest, and Instagram to help keep you motivated and informed. Lastly, the customer service team is always here to help. Never hesitate to reach out to us with your questions.

It comes down to partnerships, both professional and personal. By surrounding yourself with strong relationships, you build stamina and support for your homeschooling journey. May your journey this school year be filled with fruitful friendships and new adventures!


Terra Tyler and her husband, Jon, have been married for sixteen years. They currently homeschool their two daughters and are involved with Classical Conversations. Terra comes from a family of small business owners in Tulsa, OK. She has worked in the field of early childhood and actively been involved with the children's ministry at their home church for the past fifteen years. Terra enjoys being the lead learner in Math, Latin, and Writing, but can often be found knitting, crocheting, or drawing with her girls. Describing her experience at IEW, Terra shares that "Working at IEW has proved to enhance our homeschool experience as I am surrounded by rich writing and language resources as well as brilliant minds!"

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