Supercharging Classroom Creativity and Motivation: Podcast Episode 336

Aug 24, 2022 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

For many teachers and students, the start of the school year brings with it great excitement for the learning and growth ahead. The fresh start is encouraging, and motivation is high. As the year progresses, however, the excitement can begin to wear off. This week Andrew and Julie address teachers and teaching parents and discuss ways they can supercharge and maintain the classroom energy from the beginning of the semester throughout the year.

IEW’s accredited instructors assisted in this episode by contributing their own tried and true tips for fostering creativity and motivation. Suggestions include challenging your students to incorporate all of the style dress-ups into one sentence, tracking your students’ progress, having personal enthusiasm in the subject you’re teaching, and more! Some of the suggestions discussed are great for the beginning of the year, while others might be better suited for later in the semester.

Whether your classroom is in the home or at a school, podcast Episode 336 is a great listen as you embark on the new year!



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