Specialized Support for Co-Ops

Dec 16, 2021 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

With the recent rise in the number of parents homeschooling, there are more families looking for places of connection. Often these families find camaraderie and community in a homeschool co-op. Co-ops offer support, enrichment, and educational opportunities beyond what can usually be achieved as an individual family. They frequently have specialized equipment, such as microscopes and Bunsen burners. Often they have parent teachers who have specialized knowledge about the subject they facilitate. Many co-ops provide group members the chance to go on group field trips not available to individuals. Co-ops create opportunities to develop bonds of friendships for both adults and children.

Did you know that within our Customer Service division, IEW has a team dedicated to serving these special homeschool communities? Often there are questions regarding curriculum, how to train teachers and parents, and how IEW can help support the efforts of the co-op. If your students attend a co-op or you are a teacher or administrator of a co-op, we hope to connect with you and be of assistance. Email co-op@IEW.com with any questions or to request additional information on how we can support your efforts.

Finally, don’t forget that we have our upcoming Twelve Days of Christmas Giving right around the corner, beginning December 26 and extending through January 6. Your teachers, families, and students will enjoy the array of gifts given each day! The first eleven days offer downloadable gifts, and for the Day 12 finale, we will be shipping a special never-before-seen IEW product right to your home! Register here.

We look forward to partnering with your co-op to help your students become confident, competent communicators and thinkers!


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