Ask Andrew Anything: Podcast Episode 300

Dec 15, 2021 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

With the upcoming three hundredth episode of The Arts of Language Podcast, Andrew Pudewa and Julie Walker wanted to do something special to mark it. They decided to video the podcast with an audience viewing remotely. As a result, they recorded the episode at the end of November's Friday Night Live so that attendees could watch the fun.

Every tenth podcast episode is an “Ask Andrew Anything.” Questions were pulled from registered attendees, both adults and students. The questions, as always, were varied and engaging, as were Andrew’s responses. A list of the questions asked are listed below:

  • Should I start my seven-year-old with cursive handwriting or with printed letters? Forty years ago, I learned directly with cursive, and we did great! (from Laura in Canada)

  • As someone coming from a different country with a thirteen-year-old who’s fluent in English, where should I begin? (from Christina in Romania)

  • Could you please give us some encouragement about dyslexia and IEW? (from Kelly in the USA)

  • What are the benefits of poetry work and memorization? I’m trying to convince my student that it’s a worthwhile pursuit in our homeschool. (from Natalia in the USA)

  • I’m having a hard time communicating to my son the importance of creating a key word outline with only three key words. He thinks we should just go for it by writing the paragraph and being done with it. How can I convince him? (from Margaret in the USA)

  • Rosalyn (9) Mr. Pudewa, if you don’t like writing, why did you decide to become a writing teacher?

  • How do I get better with thinking up clinchers? (from Chelsey from Australia, age 8)

  • If I erase, will you really bite the eraser off my pencil? (from Jenna, a student and sibling to Andrew)

  • How did you come up with the “upside-down-v-carrot-wedgie-thingy”? (from Andrew, a student and sibling to Jenna)

  • Do you make up your own jokes? (from Merriam, a student)

  • What is the value of telling jokes? Why do you tell them?

  • What is your favorite descriptive word? (from Caleb, age 16)

  • What is your address, and where do you live? I have a letter for you! (from Hannah, a student)

  • What is Andrew’s shirt size? (from Peter, age 6)

  • Where do the source texts come from? (from Sarah, age 12)

Friday Night Live is always an enjoyable time, and the video-taped recording of the three hundredth episode was the frosting on the cake. We hope you enjoy listening to Andrew answer these broad-ranging questions, and we look forward to continuing sharing podcasts with you. So far there still seems to be plenty to talk about. Thank you for being a valued listener!


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