Special Learning Needs and IEW

Jan 02, 2023 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

If you missed the gifts given for Day 8, you can still access these resources:


The eighth day of the Twelve Days of Christmas Giving celebrates students with special needs and their dedicated parents and teachers. There are several considerations to make when you are teaching students with learning challenges. Teachers and parents serve their students best when they accommodate for their students’ needs, whether that be by reading a source text aloud and defining key words, by helping them come up with their key word outlines, or by scribing for them. In short, you cannot help too much. This reflects the solution to the second error–Holding Back Help–discussed in Andrew Pudewa’s articleFour Deadly Errors of Teaching Writing.

All of the day’s gifts are given to help teachers and parents accomplish this aim admirably. The first gift is a video presentation of Andrew Pudewa’s conference workshop From Copywork to Composition. Aso included is a link to the first four lessons in Structure and Style for Students: Year 1 Levels A and B to provide parents and teachers with a simple and engaging opportunity to implement all they have learned from the presentation.

Finishing off the day’s offerings is a PDF sample of the first four lessons of All Things Fun and Fascinating. This theme-based book includes humorous characters, cunning creatures, and meritorious men of history that will captivate students as they learn to write with structure and style.

If you are reading this post after the day’s gifts have been given, you can still access some great free resources, one of which is a link to the Student Workshop from IEW’s Success in Teaching Writing online conference held January 2021. Three free Structure and Style for Students lessons are still available for you to request here. IEW also has a terrific SPED resource page where you can access so many resources that are both informational and inspirational. We hope you will take advantage of this page often.

Today’s post is written by Lizabeth Brasells, IEW Online Instructor, Magnum Opus Magazine Managing Editor, and Customer Service Consultant.



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