Sharing Gratitude: Podcast Episode 243

Nov 04, 2020 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


We love to hear from you. Whether it be through email, social media, a phone call, or even snail mail, it truly delights us to hear how our materials are impacting the lives of your students. In podcast Episode 243, Andrew and Julie talk about some of the communications we have received over the past few months.

Over the course of the episode, they share a wide variety of communication. A teacher expresses gratitude for assistance in modifying Ancient History-Based Writing Lessons for her 16-year-old student. Another person shares her excitement about working through Teaching Writing: Structure and Style. Tutors, parents, and teachers reveal their positive experiences that have happened as a result of our curriculum, a contact with one of our customer service representatives, or in appreciation for one of our special events.

We are grateful for all of these contacts. While we don’t often toot our own horn, we wanted to share some of the appreciation with you as well. It is truly gratifying to hear from you, whether you offer words of praise or constructive criticism. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

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