Friday Night Live with Andrew Pudewa!

Oct 29, 2020 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


Friday the thirteenth? You’re in luck! Your friends at IEW are planning a party, and we want you there! On Friday, November 13, gather the family together, pop up a bowl of popcorn, and prepare some mugs of steaming hot cocoa. “Friday Night Live with Andrew Pudewa!” will have the entire family smiling.

Here’s what you can expect during this virtual event:

  • After you register, we will email you bingo game boards to print for you and your children to fill out during the evening. You’ll be listening for key words and phrases as well as watching for specific actions to complete their board.

  • For parents and teachers, using his unique wit and engaging humor, Andrew will share some of the insights that he has gleaned from more than three decades of speaking and writing.

  • We’ll also randomly draw four entries throughout the evening to win a $50 IEW gift certificate.

  • Of course, the evening wouldn’t be complete without hearing some of Andrew’s best jokes, so rest assured, we have asked him to be ready to share those too!

To get the full live experience, you will want to register in advance. When you do, you’ll receive a survey for you and your kids to complete and submit. We’ll be using your responses to create a game that the whole family will enjoy. Deadline to preregister to receive the survey is November 11, 11:59PM CT.

It’s going to be a truly global event because we have families attending from all around the world, including (so far) Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, India, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, and Poland in addition to the United States. It will be a great opportunity for your family to connect with new friends from different backgrounds and cultures.

So what’s next? Register and block off the evening. When you receive the email a few days before the event, respond to the survey, and print off the bingo cards. Invite your friends to join you. Stock up on snacks and drinks. And most importantly, be prepared to have a great time! We are looking forward to seeing you for an evening of encouragement, laughter, and fun.

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