Seeking Student Authors and Artists: An Exciting Magnum Opus Magazine Opportunity

Aug 15, 2022 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

Magnum Opus Magazine, IEW’s premier showcase of work from students around the world, is publishing a print edition in 2023 and is actively soliciting submissions from students. Before you jump into the school year, take a look over your students’ past year’s writing and artistic achievements to see if there are any pieces you could submit. The loose theme for the edition is appreciation; however, all submissions are welcome and will be considered.

The magazine is accepting submissions from Units 2 through 9 as well as poetry. If you have any students with an artistic bent, pull out a piece or two from their portfolios to photograph and submit as well. Any medium is fine – paintings, sketches, watercolors, digital art, and even sculptures.. Our editors are also seeking student artists to feature alongside the written pieces. Students selected to contribute will be given a list of possible topics to choose from to create original artwork for the magazine.

For students who are interested in writing new pieces dedicated to the theme of appreciation, here are some suggestions to help them begin. Who in your life do you appreciate? Why? Is there a particular person or event in history that you appreciate? How do you show your appreciation to the people in your life? What about the things in your life that you appreciate? Are there situations or events that you appreciate for the experience that they provided or for the lessons that you learned?

To submit student work, consult Magnum Opus Magazine’s submission guidelines. View prior digital editions by visiting this link. The submission deadline is October 7, 2022, so don’t wait. We can’t wait to see what your students submit!

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