Poetry in the House: Celebrating Some of Our Own

Apr 07, 2017 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


April is National Poetry Month, and we couldn’t think of a better time of the year to celebrate it! All around us springs up new growth, and it seems a perfect time to read and reflect on something lovely and lyrical. Our country has boasted a myriad of talented poets throughout its history, but this post celebrates the student poets who have contributed to Magnum Opus, our literary magazine. Enjoy reading these lovely poems. Who knows? Maybe they will inspire you to put your own pen to paper and create your own work of art.

“Spring in its Full”

By Tommy Butler, age 10


When spring is in its full,

Oh, how the flowers blossom so,


The blue jay goes right by,

Its wings are spread to fly.


Oh, how the sun reflects its light

Upon the pools so clear and bright.


Oh, the birds’ singing fills me with delight

I look upon the pools so clear and bright.


Oh, my heart delights to know

How spring has sweetly blossomed so.


“Let Us”

By Adrian Kresnak, age 15


Let us hear the silence,

Let us watch the night.

Let us see the sunrise,

The moon gliding out of sight.


Let us hear the sound of freedom,

And the sound of nature fair.

Let us hear our well-thought choices,

About the things we choose to care.


Let us hear productive words,

Not bad ones any day.

Let cries of “Yes, I can,”

Fill whatever we might say.


Let us hear the beloved voices,

And see the ones we love again,

Let us see possessions lost,

Things we had to give and lend.


Let us hear the thoughts of poets,

Written words for us we get,

To see a different perspective

Of our eternal set.



By Jordan Reddy, age 13


America, land of…

Shining, sandy, seashores.

Large, lush, forests.

Majestic, snowy, mountains.

Rushing, roaring, rivers.

Wide, perfect, plains.


America, Land of…

Explorers, who just want what’s best.

Courageous men and women,

Who sacrifice their lives.

“The Free and The Brave.”

Do you have a budding poet? We would love to read some of his work! We accept submissions throughout the year. And if you enjoyed these poems, subscribe to Magnum Opus today. We are pretty proud of our writers. They are a talented bunch, and we are sure you will enjoy reading their creations.

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