Overcoming Obstacles in Teaching Reading and Writing: Podcast Episode 255

Jan 27, 2021 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


Recently IEW hosted an online conference called “Success in Teaching Writing: A Special Education Writing Conference from IEW.” If you missed it, you can watch the recording of it by visiting this link. In podcast Episode 255, Andrew and Julie spend time reflecting on the first presentation: “Overcoming Obstacles in Reading and Writing.”

There are a number of reasons students can face obstacles to fluent reading and effective writing. Andrew mentions that dyslexia is one common cause and shares some resources that explain more about this learning disability. Additionally he presents other factors that can impede learning, such as visual problems including eye convergence and mixed dominance. Two more factors that affect reading and writing include spectrum disorders and ADHD. Andrew and Julie discuss these obstacles and share some encouragement regarding the fact that these difficulties are surmountable.

Perhaps even more importantly, Andrew reminds listeners that they are not the only ones to have faced these types of difficulties. As a case in point, the SPED conference was attended by several hundred people, and the recording has since been viewed by many more. Be comforted. There are many other people out there who are tackling or who have successfully surmounted these obstacles. You can too! Watch the conference and listen to the podcast to hear even more encouragement.

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