Learning about Laughter: Podcast Episode 312

Mar 10, 2022 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

Over the years Andrew Pudewa has gained somewhat of a nickname. Kids frequently call him “the Funny Guy.” When a student mentions to Andrew that he enjoys the Structure and Style for Students videos, Andrew will usually ask him what his favorite part is. Almost invariably the student will say, “The jokes!”

Laughter is good for the body and the brain. It imparts physiological, emotional, organizational, and educational benefits to people. In this week’s podcast, Episode 312, Andrew and Julie explore some of these concepts. Over the course of the episode, Andrew shares more research about how laughter helps people to live and learn. Additionally he presents ten different categories of humor and provides examples of them.

There is a reason for the aphorism “laughter is the best medicine.” To learn more about why this is true, tune into the podcast, and be prepared to chuckle as you learn.



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