Learn about IEW’s Hybrid Schools Division: Podcast Episode 276

Jul 01, 2021 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

IEW has long served the home education world. Several years ago the company also established a second division to support traditional schools, whether public or private. Did you know, however, that IEW has a third division? Called IEW’s Hybrid Schools Division, this branch of the company specifically serves educational environments where students go into schools for two to three days of the week and remain at home the other days of the week to continue working on their school assignments. Podcast Episode 276 introduces listeners to Laura House, the manager of IEW’s Hybrid Schools Division. During the episode she shares information about hybrid schools and how IEW supports them.

The division began a few years ago in response to the unique needs of this type of educational approach. Hybrid schools can be public or private. Regardless of which they are, in this type of setting parents partner with teachers to instruct their students. IEW’s hybrid schools team works with administrators and teachers to help them select the best curriculum for the school’s needs. Once the school is equipped with the materials, the team continues to support it, answering teachers’ questions and helping them feel comfortable with the curriculum. IEW offers this support with no time limit.

Hybrid schools continue to be a growing trend for good reason. At the end of the broadcast, Andrew explains why, saying, “There are few things more profound than being with a teacher who loves her subject and who loves children too.” When you add in an excellent curriculum and involved parents, you have a model for success. Listen to the podcast to learn more.

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