Imitation as the Foundation for Innovation, Creativity, and Development: Podcast Episode 314

Mar 23, 2022 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

Whether it be ordering the same flavor of ice cream or wearing similar shoes, from a young age children imitate peers and adults. When children learn to walk or talk, they first observe others performing those skills before attempting them for themselves. Imitation is the foundation by which skills can be learned. Shouldn’t this logic apply to learning any new skill, even writing?

In podcast Episode 314 Andrew and Julie unpack the value of imitation. First, they discuss why imitation in writing is often frowned upon. In modern education, creativity and innovation are highly emphasized. Children are encouraged to write from the heart, and originality is the gold standard. Second, Andrew shares how creativity and originality follow after imitating, attempting, and mastering the new skill. A young pianist cannot usually play new music without first imitating others on how to play the notes.

Be sure to give this podcast a listen to gain insight on the power of imitation, especially in a classroom setting.




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