Homeschool 101 - A Conversation with Karla Canon: Podcast Episode 315

Apr 01, 2022 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

When an episode ends with the number 5, you can expect it to be another podcast that is part of the Homeschool 101 series. In Episode 315 Andrew and Julie welcome Karla Canon to the mic. Karla is a homeschool mom, YouTuber, and IEW affiliate. Homeschooling her three children, she found that she was frequently answering questions for other homeschool families about her experience. So, she started a YouTube channel addressing common questions and reviewing curriculum, including IEW’s!

In the episode Karla shares how homeschooling has benefited her family. It’s not uncommon to hear parents worry if homeschooling will prepare students for a university setting. However, Karla shares how home education provides an opportunity for individualized learning along with independence in completing assignments. In her experience, home education allows students to know how to learn. Once students have this ability, they can cross-apply it to any subject matter in any setting.

Karla also shares how she discovered IEW. When she began teaching her children writing, Karla wanted her kids to enjoy it and gave them the space to be creative with the subject. However, when her eldest daughter expressed that what she really wanted was something that helped her know what to do, Karla decided to switch to IEW. Once the writing process was broken down into steps, her children were able to see progress in their writing, which then allowed them to write with confidence.

You won’t want to miss this episode full of insight and encouragement!



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