Homeschool 101 – A Conversation with Brandy Ferrell: Podcast Episode 325

Jun 08, 2022 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

As many of our customers are homeschooling families, Andrew and Julie sit down every ten episodes with the intention of offering insight to homeschoolers through our Homeschool 101 series. In Episode 325 the duo welcomes homeschool mom, IEW affiliate, and founder of Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood, Brandy Ferrell. Originally Brandy started her website to keep her husband updated on the home life while he was away for work. Now, she offers curriculum and resources to many other homeschoolers.

In the episode Brandy shares her journey to homeschooling. When her oldest son was having difficulty writing while in the public school system, Brandy and her husband felt compelled to homeschool. After all as Brandy explains, they were already homeschooling but wanted to do it with more intention! She speaks on how IEW has impacted her children’s education as the EZ+1 rule helped her to break down complexity, and Teaching Writing: Structure and Style taught her how to teach writing to her students.

Be encouraged by Brandy’s story, and tune in to learn about the resources she offers for homeschoolers, such as her company’s mission-focused curriculum and handwriting program.



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