The Deadly Error of Over-Expectation: Podcast Episode 216

Apr 24, 2020 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


This week’s podcast, Episode 216, concludes the series focusing on the four deadly errors of teaching writing. In the earlier episodes Andrew Pudewa and Julie Walker discussed the first three errors: overcorrecting, withholding help, and unclear assignments. Episode 216 focuses on the fourth deadly error: over-expectation.

During the episode Andrew describes why so many teachers and teaching parents are susceptible to this error. How can you tell when a child is working at his optimal level? And how can you avoid comparing your students to others? What should you actually expect?

In this episode Andrew asserts, “It doesn’t matter when you start. Each child is unique. You are where you are. It doesn’t matter who’s ahead or behind. What matters is that you always take the next step.” These are very freeing words. Listen to the rest of the podcast to learn about this error and to enrich your perspective about how to stop the comparison game. When we can let go of that, we can begin to celebrate each student’s progress along his own pathway of learning.

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