Culture, Curriculum, and Care: Part 1: Podcast Episode 273

Jun 09, 2021 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

In March 2020, IEW hosted a webinar for people who had found themselves suddenly needing to homeschool their students because of the global pandemic. Called “A Crash Course for Accidental Homeschooling,” the webinar’s aims were to equip families, suddenly finding themselves in the position of homeschooling, with these things: a vision of how to create a culture within the home that fosters unity, family identity, and a positive learning environment; direction on how to select curriculum that supports the goal; and knowledge of how to nurture that environment so that it can flourish.

In podcast Episodes 273 and 274, Andrew and Julie revisit these ideas in more depth. In the first installment, Episode 273, Andrew addresses the first two elements: culture and curriculum. What does the word “culture” mean? And what parallels can we draw from its meaning as we create a culture that embraces education? With regard to curriculum, how do we as educators effectively teach the arts and sciences? How do we differentiate between the two? And what do the answers to those questions imply as we prepare our materials and as teaching approaches? In the podcast you will learn why Andrew states, “We are creating and providing and educating people how to use what we believe are the best tools to cultivate a love of language.”




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