A Conversation about Paper and Pen: What the Research Says, Part 1: Podcast Episode 244

Nov 11, 2020 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


This week’s podcast episode, Episode 244, launches the beginning of a conversation between Andrew and Julie about the use of paper and pen. These tools are an integral part of teaching the skill of writing. A few years ago, Andrew decided to do some research on these tools of the trade. Here are the questions he wanted to examine:

  1. Is there a difference between reading on paper versus reading on a screen? If so, which medium works better for students?

  2. With regard to writing, is there a difference between typing versus writing on paper? Which method offers more benefits?

  3. Additionally, when writing on paper, is there an advantage in writing in manuscript versus cursive or vice versa?

  4. When writing on paper, is there an advantage to the type of writing instrument used? If so, which is better, pen or pencil?

Episode 244 addresses the first of these four questions. Listen to the episode to learn how reading electronic sources versus printed material affects students of various ages. Some of the research Andrew uncovered addresses not only comprehension and enjoyment but also health effects, such as sleep. It’s a fascinating topic, and we look forward to its continuation next week, when Andrew and Julie explore more about the writing process. Be sure to listen to each episode.

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