Changing Someone’s Mind – the Power of Persuasive Writing: Podcast Episode 307

Feb 02, 2022 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

What is an essay? How is it distinguished from a report? Why is it important to teach our students how to write persuasively? And how do we help our students transition from writing reports to authoring essays? In podcast Episode 307, Andrew and Julie consider these questions. For developing an essayist, Andrew outlines a pathway that begins in the elementary (grammar) years and steadily and gradually progresses to the high school years, when students are refining their rhetorical skills and writing essays.

Presenting persuasive writing that still expresses consideration and kindness is an important skill to cultivate in students. Listen to the podcast to learn more about how to set your students on a path to writing persuasively. Whether you have students in elementary school, middle school, or high school, there are steps you can take to strengthen and prepare your students for thinking critically and writing persuasively. This episode will help you chart the course.



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