The Benefits of Teaching Cursive: Podcast Episode 188

May 03, 2019 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


Common Core standards do not have a provision that mandates the teaching of cursive in schools. Instead they emphasize the primacy of developing computer skills, including keyboarding. This is unfortunate, and in fact there are some states that have decided to require its instruction, recognizing that learning cursive is beneficial. In Podcast Episode 188, Andrew and Julie take time to talk about cursive and the research that supports it being taught to students.

Not only does knowing cursive provide a connection to the past (and the ability to read Grandma’s letters!) it provides a host of other benefits, which Andrew uncovered a few years ago when he began to research it. During the podcast, Andrew and Julie talk about some of these benefits, which extend far beyond simply being able to decode a handwritten letter. Did you know, for example, that learning and using cursive helps students who struggle with dyslexia as well as those who have ADHD? Perhaps one reason for this is because writing in cursive shows higher neural activity than manuscript and keyboarding. And this activity crosses the midline of the brain, occurring in both hemispheres.

This podcast episode is filled with interesting history and facts relating to cursive. If you have ever wondered if teaching cursive would benefit your students, or if you have considered teaching yourself the skill, listen to the episode. If you’re ready to take the plunge, consider using Cursive Knowledge, IEW’s own cursive curriculum, designed for students of all ages.

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