A Special Needs Child Meets PAL

Nov 01, 2016 | Posted by Laura

This past month of October, our focus has been on special needs. We’d like to share again a special post that came out in 2014. It’s an interview in which one mom, Stacia W., shares how she found success teaching her daughter with Primary Arts of Language (PAL). We hope you enjoy this special post.


No one has ever said that teaching a special needs child is easy. It takes more time, effort, and patience than teaching a ‘typical’ child. However, having the proper tools and guide to use enables you to apply your efforts to actually working with your child instead of preparing for it. That is what Primary Arts of Language (PAL) provides.

Meet Stacia W., former RN, now a homeschooling mom of three. With the hope of encouraging others, she readily shares her experiences and insights about teaching her daughter, a child with Down syndrome.

After a friend highly recommended materials from the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW®), with due diligence Stacia began researching on IEW’s website. She purchased the core teacher-training course Teaching Writing: Structure and Style to use with her second-grade son; next, Stacia obtained the PAL program for her kindergarten son, and for her third-grade daughter with Down syndrome. The results were dramatic for all three children.

Stacia cites ten important factors that explain why PAL has facilitated success for her daughter, and she gives helpful ideas for implementing the various parts of the PAL program. Enjoy Stacia's insights here.

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