Announcing the 2022 Arts of Language Magalog: Podcast Episode 313

Mar 17, 2022 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

IEW’s Arts of Language Magalog is a portmanteau: a word that blends the sounds and meaning of other words. In this case it’s a combination of the words magazine and catalog. In IEW’s Magalog not only are there descriptions of all of the company’s product offerings, but there are also helpful and entertaining articles about English language arts. In podcast Episode 313, Andrew and Julie center their discussion around the Magalog because the 2022 edition is in the process of shipping right now!

First off, Andrew shares some students’ sweet letters that he recently received in the mail. These letters underscore IEW’s mission to build confident and competent writers and thinkers. To read more about some of the letters Andrew receives, check out his article, “But It’s Nice When It Happens” in the Magalog.

Andrew and Julie also mention the Jordan family, this year’s homeschooling featured family. Nathan King, Project Manager for IEW, interviewed Erica, mother of three children, who shared her personal educational journey and experiences as a woman of color in the homeschool community. She relates some great words of encouragement for homeschool parents.

Listen to the podcast. If you aren’t signed up to receive the Arts of Language Magalog, be sure to do that too. You can sign up at this link.



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