Announcement: It’s time for the 2020 IEW Writing Contest!

Feb 28, 2020 | Posted by Jennifer


The last several months have been filled with exciting events such as IEW’s twenty-fifth birthday bash and the brand new Structure and Style for Students courses. And the year is just getting started! We have plenty more events planned for the year, but first up is the launch of IEW’s annual writing contest.

This writing contest has become one of our favorite events of the year. Providing a perfect opportunity for student writers, regardless of IEW experience, to show off their skills, the contest is divided into three levels, each with its own prompt. This year the prompts are as follows:

  • Level A (grades 3‒5): Write a 2-paragraph composition about why kindness is important, and give an example of how you've seen kindness shown.

  • Level B (grades 6‒8): Write about someone in history who took a stand against injustice. Write a 5-paragraph essay describing the person and what he or she did.

  • Level C (grades 9‒12): “Necessity is the mother of invention” is an age-old maxim. It takes someone to see a problem and then come up with a way to solve it. Sometimes the problem is an invention, a system, or even a policy. If you had the means to solve a problem that you have identified, what would it be? Write a 5- to 7-paragraph essay describing the problem and how you would deal with it.

Complete rules and guidelines for the contest can be found at this link.

Prizes will be awarded at each level. Students who win first prize will receive $100 along with a $100 IEW gift card for the teacher, tutor, or parent. Second prize is $50 for the student with a $50 IEW gift card for the instructor. Third prize is $25 for the student and a $25 gift card for the instructor.

If you have not yet encouraged your students to enter a writing contest, we hope that you will this time. Marci Harris, an IEW instructor, wrote a blog piece that shares some of the benefits of entering them.

We wish your students all the best. Let the writing commence. Good luck!


Jennifer Mauser has always loved reading and writing and received a B.A. in English from the University of Kansas in 1991. Once she and her husband had children, they decided to homeschool, and she put all her training to use in the home. In addition to homeschooling her children, Jennifer teaches IEW classes out of her home, coaches budding writers via email, and tutors students who struggle with dyslexia.

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