Advanced Style, Part 2: Podcast Episode 322

May 18, 2022 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

Last week, Andrew and Julie went beyond the sentence openers and dress-ups to discuss some advanced systlistic techniques. In that vein the duo continues the conversation by discussing paragraph models and author imitation.

In an effort to challenge his students stylistically, Dr. Webster had them use a variety of paragraph models. In Episode 322 Andrew and Julie unpack four models of paragraphs: the five senses, the general/particular/general, the five w’s, and the dialog paragraph. Providing examples, Andrew explains how the paragraphs can fit nicely in a Unit 7: Inventive Writing essay.

Andrew and Julie then move to author imitation, a method of writing in which the students study a particular author’s style and then attempt to imitate the style in their own writing. While modern education encourages creativity first, Andrew offers insight on the importance of laying the foundation for students to work upon. Author imitation can be a great way for students to expand their repertoire of vocabulary and stylistic techniques. Once students have the tools, they can write with originality.

If you’re looking for new and fun ways to incorporate style into your or your student’s writing, be sure to give this episode a listen!



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