Summer Class Offerings by IEW Accredited Instructors

Are you looking for additional summer help?

Listed below are Summer 2024 Class Options with an IEW Accredited Instructor.

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Gwendolyn Amiri Summer Writing, IEW Style virtual

In this 8-week summer guided writing class, learners will use structure and style from the IEW method to practice writing with summer-themed exercises, paragraphs, and essays.

Amy Bell amyleebell
IEW Checklist Workshop A
IEW Checklist Workshop B
Write a Story This Summer  IEW Concepts University-Ready Writing


Rachel Bloom Customizable IEW Summer Classes virtual and in-person
Knoxville, TN
One-on-one summer classes meet once or twice a week. Homework is optional. This will be a fun and creative summer opportunity for your student! 
Melanie Brake Summer Shape-up: Fix It! & Fiction virtual

Dive into IEW’s great grammar program and plunge into fabulous fiction! Over the course of ten weeks, we will explore grammar concepts highlighted in the Fix It! Grammar series, soak in the splendor of story elements as we read and discuss engaging children’s literature, and make a splash with light writing assignments based on IEW units 1-3. 

Section I — Town Mouse and Country Mouse with Charlotte’s Web (E.B. White) and/or Pippi Longstocking (Astrid Lindgren)

Section II — Robin Hood with The Adventures of Robin Hood (Howard Pyle) and/or The Wingfeather Saga: On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness (Andrew Peterson)

Section III — Mowgli and Shere Khan with The Jungle Book (Rudyard Kipling), The Hobbit (J.R.R. Tolkien), and/or Pax (Sara Pennypacker)

Veronica Brandt Bible Heroes virtual

Build on familiar Bible stories with IEW writing techniques. Have fun watching a chilly Australian teacher on the other side of the world while you're enjoying summer in the northern hemisphere! I'm thinking two short online sessions each week to cover each chapter of the textbook.

Karen Bucholtz, MA


Paper Grading


Special and general education all ages. Writing with IEW methods or any genre. History: Ancient, Early Times, Antiques to Teach Eras, Current Events. Spelling: Phonetic Zoo. Social Skills (willing to have more than one student). Theater includes all aspects from stagecraft to improv. to text. Literature includes early to advanced readers with literature ranging from YA, graphic novels, to classics. MLA and APA. Winston Grammar.

Karen Cross equippedforwriting
IEW: Short Stories
IEW: Stories in the Stars

"IEW: Stories in the Stars (upper elementary to middle)
​This course is for learners age 9 - 12. It will cover IEW Units 1-4. Learners will outline, retell, and write about myths that were told long ago about the pictures in the night sky. Stylistic techniques will be taught, practiced, and added to their paragraphs. Feedback and grades will be provided using Google Classroom.

IEW: Short Stories (middle to high)
This course is for learners age 12 - 14. Learners will read short stories by O. Henry and discuss in class. Using strategies from Unit 3, students will write one-paragraph summaries that will culminate into a five-paragraph formal essay about O. Henry. Feedback and grades will be provided using Google Classroom. 

IEW Prep (Levels A & B)
This course will run for three weeks in August. It will prepare learners for upcoming IEW classes. This will be useful for learners age 9 - 12 who need a refresher or for those just starting with the IEW method. Feedback and grades will be provided using Google Classroom.

IEW Prep (Levels B & C)
This course will run for three weeks in August and will prepare learners for upcoming IEW classes. This will be useful for learners age 12 - 14 who need a refresher or for those just starting with the IEW method. Feedback and grades will be provided using Google Classroom.​"

Cathy Flowers tutor.cornerstone
Writing Wrappers 101
Stellar Stories 101  
Report Writing 101  
Classy Compositions 911!  
Research Writing 911!
Essay 911!

In my live, engaging five-day 101 and 911! workshops, students learn how to approach an assignment and put something together as painlessly as possible the IEW way, perhaps with pizzazz! Each workshop is unique. Enroll in more than one! All students receive feedback, so you know how well your students are doing while they have fun!

Hannah "Bella" Franklin privatetraining27
Any title virtual Any title, just let me know in advance 
Cathy Harris   Summer Writing Workshop virtual Summer Workshops: Join Cathy Harris as we practice the skills presented by the Institute of Excellence in Writing in a fun and engaging way using a variety of source texts! Every class will contain skills from each the IEW Structure and Style Units 1-9. 
Hannah Hauenschild thomashauenschild
IEW Curriculum for Grades 3+

Cabot, PA

Kelly Haws Private tutoring in-person
St. Cloud, Minnesota
Individual IEW tutoring sessions provided in the summer based on client neeed
Nathalie Hermann nathalie
Private tutoring virtual "Private, one-on-one classes. Prevent summer information evaporation and enhance learning for the fall through practicing IEW concepts at a relaxed pace, tailored to your student’s individual needs. Classes are held online over Zoom.
Availability begins May 14. Inquire for available times, dates, and rates."
Nina Hermann Nature-themed Writing virtual Join me for eight weeks over the summer as we explore the first four units of IEW®! Perfect for those who haven't used IEW before or are looking for a refresher on the method. For students grades 4-6. Wednesdays, 10am Central, June 5-July 31. Tuition: $160.
Sydney Hoff sydney
Introduction to IEW
Introduction to 
Advanced Style and Grammar
Introduction to Public Speaking


Introduction to IEW

Discover the magic of IEW! Our Introduction to IEW series gives students (and families!) a taste of the IEW method. Designed especially for those considering IEW or our group classes, this course aims to help you assess whether IEW meets your child’s needs. 

Advanced Style and Grammar

After your child has become proficient in the foundational stylistic elements of the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) program, they may be poised for a more rigorous endeavor. Our summer curriculum will cover an array of sophisticated strategies, including IEW’s advanced dress-ups, openers, and decorations.. 

Introduction to Public Speaking

In this twelve-week course, middle- and high-school students will learn memory and delivery techniques through the IEW approach as they write and presen

Also offering classes in Lost Tools, Reading Comprehension, and Literature Club

Ali (Alejandra) Holdener PAL, People and Places
Level C
virtual and in-person
Fort Worth, TX
I am a certified IEW teacher, in the classroom at a Catholic co-op in Irving during the traditional school year.  I live in Fort Worth, TX and teach a few classes over the summer for the primary level and high school students.  
Michael Jacobeen michaeljacobeen
Report-Writing Summer Intensive


3-week summer intensive from July 1-19 covering Units 1, 2, 4, and 6.  Class will meet MWF for one hour each morning.  Class size 4-10 students: cost is $250/student.
Melissa Liipfert liip.homeschoolheroes
Private Tutoring


Join me this summer to catch up, get ahead, or learn something new using IEW!
Jana Lowrey Introduction to Writing with IEW
Intermediate Writing with IEW

virtual or in-person
Gainsville, GA

Introduction to Writing with IEW: For students new to the IEW program or under 8th grade. 
Intermediate Writing with IEW: For students in 8th+ who have used IEW before.
Regina Moffett mrsmoffett.ramoffettacademy
IEW Summer Boot Camp
with Mrs. Moffett (Jr. H.)


Summer Boot Camp is an IEW Writing class for Jr. H. students (6-8th). This class will meet for 8 weeks. In this class students will work through units 1-8. This small group class (4-8) students will be presented with writing assignments which will allow them to practice various IEW stylistic techniques. While this class may move quickly for struggling writers it may be a great fit for students wanting to improve their writing skills.

Jessica Samonds Pabon   US History-Based, Medieval History-Based, Ancient History-Based Writing


Summer classes will be customized to the needs of the student.
Rebecca Shue rebecca.m.shue
Whatever is needed

virtual and in-person
Escondido, CA

I tutor individuals and small groups both live and online. While I prefer to use theme-based books, we can tailor a program to your child's needs.
MontieAnn Swafford Paper proofreading. Private tutoring  virtual I will proofread and provide feedback on IEW essays submitted to me via email or shared via google docs for students who are completing IEW coursework from videos or other classes. Also I offer private tutoring during the summer via zoom. 
Judy Weesner

Private Tutoring

virtual I provide convenient, customized one-on-one tutoring where I tailor each lesson to the needs of the student and work at the child’s pace.
Alta Wehmeyer Spectacular Writing and Conquer Writing Struggles virtual Summer classes cover IEW's methodology of nine unit studies. Students meet three times a week and classes are 85 minutes per class with a five minute break for Gr. 3-5 around the halfway mark. This offers ample time for writing assignments to be completed during class time. Week 1 covers Unit 1 and 2. Every other week covers a single unit study. Grammar review for parts of speech is included for all levels, and students who are in Gr. 6-12 learn/review how to analyze sentences effectively. Class dates that may already impact your student's the next academic year have access to the class recording.


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