Certified Instructor - Application for Renewal

Certified IEW Instructors who desire to maintain their accreditation are required to renew every two years:

  • Pay the renewal fee of $100.
  • Generate a Course Overview (see sample) for your class(es).
  • Submit student work samples from three different students, a high-, medium-, and low-level performing student from the beginning and end of course (six work samples in total, including at least one Unit 8 or 9 composition of five paragraphs). Show date and student’s first name (students other than your own children).
  • Teacher of only Level A: Include at least one Unit 7 composition. Show date and student’s first name (students other than your own children).
  • Provide two letters of recommendation, one from a parent and one from a student (within last two years).
  • Show evidence of continuing education in IEW methods.

To fulfill the continuing education requirement, you will need to have completed one of the following (or a combination adding up to six hours) within the last two years:

  • listening to six hours of audio recordings (View audio downloads here.) OR–
  • listening to six hours (twelve episodes) of The Arts of Language Podcast (view podcast episodes here) OR–
  • attending six hours of a live workshop (View seminars here.) OR
  • attending six hours of webinars (Visit webinar archive here.)

Please allow a 1-month window of time for your accreditation renewal to be processed. Our accreditation team works diligently and as quickly as we are able to review instructors' applications for renewal. Applicants who submit documentation early are not shortchanged and will still be granted two years from their original expiration date.


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Certified Instructor Renewal Application Form

Please ensure that you have participated in and commented on a total of at least six hours of continuing education units (CEUs). Presentations that you have completed within the last two years are eligible.


Six-Hour Continuing Education Requirement:

File Upload:

Please scan and then compress all assignments into one .ZIP file for upload. If you have trouble creating a .ZIP file or with the upload, please send all PDFs to accreditation@IEW.com after submitting this online application.

After form is submitted, payment is required.

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