You CAN Homeschool! - Free Webinar (Recorded)

Are your students enrolled in a school that presents information and ideas contrary to your personal values? Have you thought that maybe homeschooling is the only viable alternative, but you can’t imagine how you could do it?

Millions of families across the globe are educating their children at home. Some parents homeschool because of a desire to choose their child’s curriculum and control the daily schedule. Others appreciate the opportunity to customize the learning for each child, whether they are focusing on special learning needs or have a child who is advanced beyond his years and ready to earn dual credit at the college level.

For many others, their greatest motive and desire is to instill their personal values into their children’s lives at a time in history when there are so many negative influences competing for students’ hearts and minds.

Regardless of your reason for investigating homeschooling, you CAN homeschool! IEW can help.

Register below to receive the recording from the recent webinar that addressed many of the questions that parents ask regarding homeschooling. Discover how IEW can come alongside you as you begin the journey that many homeschooling parents describe as “the best decision of our lives.”


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