Whistle-Stop Tours

Andrew Pudewa is embarking on multiple Whistle-Stop Tours* in partnership with state homeschool advocacy organizations, spending only a short time in each city along the way to share wisdom and encouragement as well as support for the state organization.

The mission of state organizations is critical to the continued legality and liberty of homeschooling in your state, and while no locomotives will be involved, we hope that you will find a renewed sense of purpose in homeschooling as you attend one of these events.

Andrew has completed or is currently slated for a Whistle-Stop Tour in each of the following states.

South Carolina (June 4—5, 2024)
Hawaii (February 8—10, 2024)
California (November 14—18, 2023)
Louisiana (October 26—28, 2023)

Will more states come on board? Stay tuned! Connect with your state homeschool organization to see if they’d be willing to host a Whistle-Stop Tour near you!

* In political campaigns of yesteryear when locomotives were the most common means of transportation, whistle-stop tours crisscrossed the country. National figures used these tightly scheduled opportunities to give speeches to many new audiences at train stations along their route.

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