University-Ready Writing [Student Packet only]

Preparing Communicators for Collegiate Success

Category: Writing
Author: Andrew Pudewa
  • 9-12
  • Col
University-Ready Writing [Student Packet only]
All the handouts that a single student needs for watching the student videos and completing the coursework. Binder and tabs not included.

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Specifications: 125 pages

ISBN: 978-1-62341-394-1

Edition: First Edition, January 2024

Copyright Date: 2024


Student Book:

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Home use: The purchaser may copy this Student Book for use by multiple children within his or her immediate family. Each family must purchase its own Student Book.

Small group or co-op classes: Each participating student or family is required to purchase a Student Book. A teacher may not copy from this Student Book.

Classroom teachers: A Student Book must be purchased for each participating student. A teacher may not copy from this Student Book.

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