The Profound Effects of Music on Life [Andrew Pudewa]

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Author: Andrew Pudewa
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The Profound Effects of Music on Life [Andrew Pudewa]
Discover the fascinating effects that different kinds of music have on our brains and the benefits of early music education for children.

Note: The CD set has been discontinued.

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Highlighting the profound neurological benefits of music in a child’s environment, as well as the research demonstrating the effects of different types of music on the brain, this lecture will transform your thinking. You will never listen to music in quite the same way again.

In what possibly may be the most interesting lecture you will ever hear, Andrew presents research regarding the profound neurological benefits of playing a musical instrument at a young age and the advantages of having the right kind of music in the child’s environment. Dramatic evidence regarding potentially harmful music is introduced with both scientific data and spiritual insight. Includes numerous musical samples and commentary.

Download the The Profound Effects of Music on Life handout here.

Specifications: Part I: 59 minutes, Part II: 57 minutes


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