Episode 160

Ask Andrew Anything

Oct 09, 2018

Andrew once again answers just about anything our podcast listeners ask. Tune in to hear Andrew's response to questions on topics like memorization, grammar, and mind mapping.

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1:52 - Ann asks, “I heard Andrew say many times to always spell any word a child asks you to spell.  Does he feel the same about math facts? I so commonly hear, ‘Mom, what is six times seven?’ My kids, ages eleven and fourteen, have a difficult time memorizing math facts. They are continuing to improve, but it is quite a process. They have a times table chart to refer to during math and drill math facts. I want them to continue learning new concepts, so often I give them the answer to not muddy the water. I am curious to hear your take on this situation.

7:11 - Jennifer asks, “Teaching class today regarding who/which clauses, I had a parent ask about ‘whose’ and where that fits in the IEW curriculum. For instance: ‘The bicycle whose chain is broken is mine.’”

8:40 - Emily asks, “I have been listening to the podcast and getting prepared all summer.  I am telling everyone IEW is my ‘curriculum crush’ of the year! Andrew mentions using this with his dyslexic son. As I recall, he got 20 minutes to copy 100 words and got 1 point per word, but there were also various ways to lose points. Can you explain that?”

16:13 - Anonymous asks,  “I have a sixth grader and was wanting to get Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization, but wasn’t sure whether we should start with Level 1. Will it be as effective as a first grader starting? Is it worth it?”

19:58 - Anonymous asks, “I have a seven-year-old who writes his numbers backwards. He used to write his letters backwards, but that has since been corrected with making them out of clay per the Gift of Dyslexia method. He has made the numbers in clay models too, but the method didn't take with those. Any suggestions for how to help writing with numbers?”

24:27 - Amber asks, “I love the podcast. I am a homeschool mom and have a six-year-old gifted child. She is on the last few lessons of the first Fix It!. We have modified it by having her write the sentence the next day for copywork versus writing the whole paragraph in one day. She completed the PAL writing program at the age of five and writes amazingly well on her own. Should I move her into the second Fix It! right away or switch to traditional copywork?”

27:13 - Janet asks, “What does Andrew say about mind-mapping?”


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