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Certified Instructor
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Location: Wilsonville, OR
Services: Classes, Online Classes, Private Tutoring, Other
Grades: 3rd-college

Shawn McCowan

Mrs. Shawn McCowan has a BA in English, a Master of Arts in Education, and she is a former journalist. She is a veteran homeschooling mother of four children, all of whom have now graduated. Although a writer herself, until finding IEW’s method she struggled with teaching her children (especially her reluctant writer and the one with multiple learning challenges) to write! She loves to help students find joy and pride in improving their skills and producing excellent work. While continuing to assist homeschooled students in her home and online, she takes great delight in furthering her own classical education, particularly as she teaches Great Books through a biblical worldview. For more information, visit her on Facebook @WordWielder or visit her website:

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