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Accomplished Instructor
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Location: Oxnard, CA
Phone: 805-488-5060
Services: Classes, Online Classes, Private Tutoring
Grades: 4–12

Sandra Yip

I have been teaching in one way or another most of my life. However, it has only been about 21 years that I have been teaching IEW in classes and in private tutoring sessions. I have a bachelor's degree in education, a CLAD California certificate, a CA  K-12 teaching credential, and experience teaching in public schools, private schools, homeschools, and in community classes. Currently I own, administer, and teach through my business, YES Writing. This past year I had five part-time teachers helping me teach writing and literature classes in several cities in Ventura County. In addition to my local classes, I have used IEW in teaching short-term classes to college students in Tanzania and am working on a Basic Writing for Adults program for IEW. I taught two sessions of the SWI-C for IEW online in 2018–19. This past year with the restrictions from the pandemic we have moved our classes online, but hope to again offer in person  classes as well as online come the fall.

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