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Certified Instructor
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Location: Thousand Oaks, CA
Phone: 805-367-6386
Services: Classes, Paper Grading, Other
Grades: 5-11

Nikki Nolte

I love working with students to see them become successful and confident writers. 

Writing and grammar became a passion of mine after attending Classical Conversation’s Essentials class with my older children. The IEW Structure and Style method made sense to me. It made writing doable and duplicatable. After sitting in class for a number of years, learning at the feet of amazing tutors, I took on the role of tutoring the class myself for my middle kiddos and haven’t looked back.

I have a background in education with a degree in elementary education from Concordia University in Chicago. Over the past twenty years, I have taught in both classroom and one-on-one settings. I currently teach the History-Based and Following Narnia theme-based IEW classes (I will be adding in Fix It! Grammar with these stand-alone classes in 2024-25!) in addition to a full-day junior high class in which I also implement both IEW and grammar.

I believe every student can become a quality writer with practice and the proper tools. I love the tools provided by IEW’s methodology and I look forward to helping you and your child(ren) implement these skills in the near future!

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