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Location: Quincy, IL
Services: Classes, Online Classes, Private Tutoring, Paper Grading
Grades: 1-8

Molly Bruening

Molly Bruening holds a degree in Special Education. Having started her career at a public high school, she soon chose to stay home and raise her own children. In a turn that no one expected, she now homeschools her four kids full time and teaches IEW online in the afternoons. Molly has over 10 years experience with IEW's curriculum, teaching everything from Primary Arts of Language to Classical Rhetoric through Structure and Style. She has taught not only her own children but also in a co-op setting and online with private and group tutoring. She loves to teach children of all ages and learning styles.

Molly currently teaches IEW's curriculum through Rose Writing Center. RWC offers both private and group classes. If you'd like to work with Molly, you can contact RWC at this website: and request her as your teacher.

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