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Certified Instructor
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Location: Bryantown, MD
Services: Online Classes
Grades: 4–9

Karen Cross

I am a certified teacher in the state of Maryland and received my Master's degree in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment from Walden University in 2007. I taught in the public school setting for five years as a special education teacher. Once I began having my own children, my desire was to be home with them. That grew into a desire to begin homeschooling, and we have continued doing that for nine years now. During that time, I found teaching writing to be a little frustrating. I was able to teach the structure pretty well, but I noticed that their writing was, well, boring. I didn't know how to fix that. I heard about the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW), bought its seminar, participated in the training, and knew this was for us. I began implementing the strategies in our everyday lessons at home, but I was not disciplined enough to do it consistently, so I decided to teach a class to a group of elementary school students in a co-op setting. I have experience teaching all nine structural units.


Every year has provided me with new experiences and ways of communicating better with my students about how to write. I love watching the children grow and learn how to implement ways to make their writing more interesting and engaging for their readers. IEW provides a methodical, predictable way of reaching students who are learning to write. Structure and Style is easily adaptable to different learning styles and needs. Differentiating lessons is my heart, so when you sign up your child for my class, I will keep my line of communication open with you so your child is able to participate at his own pace.


I believe that parents have the primary role in the education of their children. However, sometimes we need help from others. That's where I and others like me come in. I have a passion for teaching, especially the written word, and I like to share that with others to help them and their children as they homeschool. Learning should be interactive, and the children should feel free to ask questions for understanding but also for just plain curiosity. The level of instruction should be just challenging enough to inspire learning, not hinder it.


When I'm not teaching, I enjoy reading, going on walks with my dog (and kids too, of course!), watching movies with my family, and crocheting.

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