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Location: Glen Mills, PA
Services: Classes, Online Classes, Private Tutoring
Grades: 4–12

Joann Johnson

Joann is a mother of nine. She began homeschooling her children in 1997. After discovering IEW®, she realized that the amazing Structure and Style® writing method works for students of any learning style, including those with learning differences. Using IEW's Structure and Style method, she has taught her own children, online classes, co-op classes, and has tutored one-on-one. A telling accomplishment of the Structure and Style method became evident when her children dual-enrolled in college, and professors exempted them from some assignments because they observed Joann's children's excellent writing skills.

Joann is very enthusiastic that every child can learn to write when given the proper tools and practice. Children may not all love to write, but all of them can learn to do it well.

She loves how writing can be taught using IEW’s nonthreatening, methodical approach, much like teaching a musical instrument. She also loves that teaching writing with Structure and Style simultaneously teaches a child how to think and express his or her thoughts.

Joann has been teaching IEW classes since 2009 and teaching online classes since 2015. 

2024-2025 Online Classes

SSS-2B ( Level B. This class is live taught- no videos are needed)

Discoveries in Writing (level A)

Modern World History Writing (level B)

Medieval History Writing (level B)

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