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Location: Elk Grove, CA
Services: Private Tutoring, Other
Grades: 4–12

Jennifer Howell

Hello! My desire is to help students grow in their writing skills, and to encourage them toward a life of learning and a love of reading, writing, thinking, and communicating well.


I have actively instructed using IEW’s Structure & Style Writing Method for eight years. It’s a powerful program! Once learned, the structures can be applied across disciplines, simplifying your student's academic life - and beyond.


Currently, I homeschool our 2 younger boys: 15 and 16. Our daughter graduated May 2022, and our oldest son graduated May 2023. They are both enrolled at a local community college, majoring in architecture and mechanical engineering, respectively. Beyond our home school I tutor some from home, and I lead the high school Literature & Writing at our children's co-op. I love teaching! I love seeing students grow! I am also an avid book reader and collector, and a lover of grammar. :)

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