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Certified Instructor
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Location: Silver Spring, MD
Services: Private Tutoring, Other
Grades: 3-12

Janice Lynch

Customized Summer Crash Courses—especially for rising high school students

  • Meet 1xWeek for 4 weeks to learn IEW's Basic Dress-UPs
  • Meet 1xWeek for 4 weeks to cover IEW's Sentence Openers

Note: HW and/or 2xWeek available upon request

One-on-One ZOOM tutoring and shared document is very successful locally or across the world. Classes taught originated in California and then continued mainly in the Washington DC area.

Tutoring is a favorite joy, and connecting with a specific student's writing goals and watching each one achieve success continues to be my passion.

Some typical student goals & projects:
- IEW's Structure & Style Foundations
- Homework Help
- College Application essays
- Story Writing 
- Healing life's difficult moments through the tool of writing
- E-Book creation

Published Author, Speaker, Certified Life Coach, IEW Instructor for two decades, and Homeschool Mom to three thriving graduates.

Graduate from Gettysburg College, B.A. Psychology. 

Previous year-round students have gained admission to Grove City College, NYU Business School, Harvard Business School, Vassar, and Stanford.

My work has included adults who require cooperative one-on-one edits with their books before publication, assisting young children to begin a great experience in writing, developing middle schoolers for higher level work, and coming alongside high school students for college prep. 

Fun is one of my top core values, and students cultivate great satisfaction and benefits in the skills of writing which are so necessary for every endeavor.

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