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Location: Defiance, MO
Phone: 5732687782
Services: Online Classes, Private Tutoring, Paper Grading
Grades: 4-12

Charity Cortez

Who is Mrs. Cortez?  Is she a homeschool mother of two? Yes.  Does she drink copious amounts of coffee each day? Yes.  Is her Golden Doodle her favorite student ever? Yes.  But, Mrs. Cortez also has a degree in Secondary Social Studies Education and has taught in public, private and co-op settings for the past twenty-three years.  In addition to teaching, she enjoys visiting National Parks, gardening and all things Disney.  It is said that she also may be a closet Star Trek fan, but that is a secret.  Mrs. Cortez used the IEW curriculum with her own children and has used it's proven method to tutor others who have needed help in literary analysis and essay writing.

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