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Location: Sullivan, MO
Phone: 3142251067
Services: Online Classes, Private Tutoring, Paper Grading
Grades: 3–12

Amy Bell

Although Miss Amy has been teaching a range of subjects since 1995, her favorite teaching moments have occurred during her writing classes. She began teaching creative writing in 2011 and has been offering it ever since. In the years following, she began offering formal writing classes as she saw the need arise within her local homeschool community. Amy is a prolific writer in addition to being a teacher of writing.
Between 2011 and 2014, Amy Lee Bell wrote for Homeschool Enrichment Magazine, a bi-monthly publication. In addition to "Dad's Work Is Never Done" (2011, reprinted in 2015) and "Asking Questions, Analyzing Answers" (2011), she wrote "Once Upon a Homeschool" (2011–2014), a regular article featuring a different famous home scholar in each publication. Later, she was asked to co-write the column "News Notes" (2012-2014), which contained homeschool news and commentary. On her personal blog (Full Circle Homeschooling), she has written extensively on many subjects, primarily homeschooling and religion.

Her goal is to fill educational gaps for as many people as possible, even when doing so requires her to learn something new herself. She is a good communicator with decades of teaching experience, and this allows her to reach her students at whatever level they find themselves. Amy always strives to continue her own education so she can offer her very best to all of her students at all times.

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