Week 4 of The Great TWSS Adventure: Unit 4

Jun 28, 2021 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team

Last Week

This past Monday, Andrew Pudewa and Nathan King sat down together once again, this time to discuss Unit 3: Retelling Narrative Stories. This unit marks a significant shift from the first two units in two ways:

  • Unit 3 is a 3-paragraph model.

  • Students no longer take key word notes from each sentence in the source text. Rather, they take key word notes answering questions connected with the Story Sequence Chart.

During the event, people asked some great questions. (To hear the full replay of the broadcast, click this link.) Andrew addressed questions about paragraph flow, story adjustments, grammar, differentiated instruction, and lots more. It was a great discussion, attended by people from all around the globe.

This Week

This week our adventurers move from the creative flow of storytelling to Unit 4: Summarizing a Reference. This fact-based unit provides the foundation for later units, where students begin to write research-based essays.

Here’s the homework for the week:

  • View the remainder of Video 3. Go to “Scene Selection” and select “Stylistic Techniques: Sentence Openers.” Watch to the end of the video (50 minutes).

  • Read pages 169‒183 in your Seminar Workbook.

  • Watch Video 4 from the beginning through the practicum instructions for Unit 4 (77 minutes).

  • Read pages 51‒62 in your Seminar Workbook.

  • Complete the Unit 4 Practicum on pages 61‒62.

    • Write up the key word outline for “Kinds of Elephants.” You may use the class’s outline.

    • Write a paragraph from the key word outline that fulfills the Unit 4 Elephant Report Checklist.

To clarify, the Facebook Live video occurs on IEW’s main page. After you watch live, head to the event page for discussion and support from fellow adventurers! Additionally, for those of you who are Premium Members, you have access to the Course Completion Packet. This gives you access to the specific pages you need in order to apply to become an IEW accredited instructor. Be sure to go to your Seminar Workbook for the pages referred to in the Teaching Writing: Structure and Style (TWSS) videos.

Keep moving forward! We have almost reached the midpoint of this great TWSS adventure. See you next week!

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