Understanding Child Brain Development, Part 1: Podcast Episode 253

Jan 13, 2021 | Posted by the IEW Blog Team


How does Andrew Pudewa’s educational journey, specifically his years spent learning about child brain development, inform what is done at the Institute for Excellence in Writing? It’s a fascinating history, and in podcast Episodes 253 and 254 Andrew shares the tale with listeners.

Years before the Institute for Excellence in Writing began, Andrew Pudewa traveled to Japan to learn from Shinichi Suzuki, the developer of the Suzuki method of violin instruction. While he was in Japan under Suzuki’s tutelage, Andrew learned about Glenn Doman and the work he was doing at the Glenn Doman Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential. When he learned that members of the organization would be in Japan, he traveled to Tokyo to observe the institute’s work that was being done with brain injured children and was completely captivated by what he saw.

He left that experience forever changed. To hear more about Andrew’s educational journey before IEW began, listen to the first podcast, Episode 253, and come back next week to hear Episode 254. It’s an engrossing history, and from Andrew’s experience with Doman’s organization a seed was sown that eventually germinated into the Institute for the Excellence in Writing.

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